Spanish marginal artist @bigotemyfriend born in 1978, since 2006 behind the same brand avatar

(Bruce Lee face and a "Dalidian" moustache) living a kind of double life.


We could see many stencils, stickers or T-shirts of this multidisciplinary artist which found in the Photography his main expression tool, dragging in many of his photographs or designs the previous Street Style from which it comes.


He currently resides in Spain and dedicates most of his time developing some of his others artworks (Bitmojis NFT’s Creator), producing electronic music as well as being Social Educator with teenagers through Graffiti.

"Always thanks for your time and love, really appreciated".


2012: ******* Club - "I did not sale but people stole more than 12 pieces, so i guess they liked that much 😄 ".

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